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REGGAEFEST 2015 is August 13 - 15.


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ARTISTE APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED!!! The deadline to apply was March 4, 2015. Thank you to all artistes that showed interest in ReggaeFest 2015. Successful applicants will be contacted by the ReggaeFest Selection Committee by early April.


Sincerest THANK YOU to all the artistes, sponsors, suppliers, donors, volunteers, vendors, and patrons for making ReggaeFest 2014 another amazing event!

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Shout Out! - Belinda Brady


Shout Out! - Buckman Coe


Shout Out! - Da'Ville


Shout Out! - Exco Levi


Shout Out! - Long Shen Dao


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A Fundraiser for Project ROAR

Project ROAR: Calgary ReggaeFest is embarking on a school and community outreach project called Project ROAR (Reach Out And Restore). ReggaeFest has adopted the Windsor Forest Primary School in Portland, Jamaica and will be helping to develop a Resource Centre. The Resource Centre will be used by the school as well as the entire Windsor Forest community.

Please help us to raise the funds needed to complete the Resource Centre.

Details and supporting links here


Are you a Rastagarian?

Calgary ReggaeFest lasts only a few days. Being Rastagarian can last a lifetime.

By its simplest definition, a Rastagarian is a Calgarian who shares the values of Caribbean culture and, specifically, Reggae music.

It's not a religious movement, it's not social commentary, and it's not scary. Rastagarians are the youthful Calgarians of all ages, shapes, sizes and colours who celebrate our city's cultural, social and aesthetic revitalization.

So when you're asked "Are you a Rastagarian?" say "Yes!" It's an invitation to ReggaeFest. Moreover, it's an invitation to participate in the things that help make Calgary a more progressive, culturally rich experience. No strings attached - just food, fun, great music and new experiences.

ReggaeFest 2014 Performers


Belinda Brady: Web Site | Facebook | Twitter

Yaz Alexander
(Toronto, Ont.)


Belinda Brady is a Toronto based Recording Artist whom has now released a Electro Pop album titled “Time Of My Life”. The first single off the album is “Take Me In Your Arms” and available on Itunes June 4th.








Buckman Coe: Web Site | Facebook | Twitter

Yaz Alexander
(Vancouver, BC)


Bridging the worlds of roots, soul, and reggae, Vancouver-based Buckman Coe brings a conscious, uplifting message to the world. Buckman Coe has brought their dance-floor friendly mix of roots reggae vibes to many Western Canadian festivals. This is the band's first trip to Calgary's ReggaeFest




Da'Ville: Web Site | Facebook | Twitter



With the world listening to his every note, singer/producer, Da'Ville defines his style of reggae with a fusion of Pop and R&B swirled with soul. Putting his life experiences in each of his hit songs, this artist extraordinaire is a force to reckon with.

Da'Ville is one of the most celebrated Pop/Reggae R&B artists in Japan, USA and the Caribbean.







Exco Levi: Facebook | Twitter

Exco Levi
(Jamaica/ Canada)


One of Canada’s hottest reggae acts, Exco Levi will bless the ReggaeFest stage for the first time this August.

Exco Levi quickly took hold of the Canadian reggae music scene after emigrating in 2005. He shows his range and musical intellect through songs like the Canadian Anthem, “Oh Canada”, the nostalgic “Sweet Jamaica” and the love ballad “Same ole Words”. His songs have given voice to a nation and helped forge an entirely new style of music and rhythm that is revolutionary, fiery, scathing, loving and stinging.

Exco Levi has worked with top Djs and promoters worldwide. This musical “Midas” turns any song he touches to pure gold.






Infiniti Band: Web Site | Facebook | YouTube

Infiniti Band
(Calgary, AB)


Infiniti is a unique Calgary based Cover Band. Originally formed over ten years ago the band has seen several different personnel changes. The current line up brings a diverse musical background that covers a multitude of genres. From current Top 40 to Reggae, Infiniti is the kind of band that can bring any audience to its feet. Always staying current with its sound Infinity is fun, modern and edgy with lots of soul.


MP3 Player

Long Shen Dao: Facebook | Twitter

Long Shen Dao


Founded in 2007, Long Shen Dao (literally: Dragon. Spirit. Tao or "The Way") has been lauded by media and audiences alike as “China’s first real and significant reggae band.”

All core members of the band, having absorbed the rich essence of Chinese traditional culture, have successfully merged Eastern philosophies into this modern musical style. Lyrics contain references to the understanding of love and spiritual freedom and include aspects of Taoism.





L.U.S.T. : MySpace

Lukie D - Facebook | Twitter | Singing Melody - Facebook | Tony Curtis - Facebook



L.U.S.T. is a veritable super-group of reggae singers.  Lukie D, Thriller U, Singing Melody & Tony Curtis all bring their illustrious and soulful voices together to produce smooth and sexy vibes. Their two albums Sweetness of your Love in 2007 and Inspiration in 2010 have numerous hits such as, Sweetness of Your Love, Hardware and Stay





Mountain Edge Roots and Culture Band: Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace

Mountain Edge Band
(Brampton, Ont)


When three rolling stones Linford (L.A.) Allen, Evon (Laza) Lazarus, and Neison Hardy set out on separate musical journeys as youths, by fate, it was inevitable they would eventually collide, connect, and converge their musical skills in one solid rock, calling themselves “Mountain Edge Roots & Culture Band.” Now residing in Canada, Mountain Edge Roots & Culture Band has commanded much attention, being one of Canada’s most versatile Roots, Reggae band. 

Along with backing some of the biggest names in Reggae, the band has toured extensively across Canada, USA and the Caribbean, delivering solid performances on every show.







Raging Fyah: Web Site | Facebook | Twitter

Raging Fyah


Raging Fyah is a talented and dynamic group from Jamaica. Established in 2006, Raging Fyah set out to rekindle a flame of positivity in the music industry.

Though their versatility enables them to play all genres of music, most of their songs - influenced by passion, purpose and life experiences- assume a roots rock reggae flavour.
in the music industry.

They write their own songs and ensure that every word touches the soul of the listener, uplifting and motivating people from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.






Tasman Jude: Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | On Reverb Nation

Tasman Jude
(Grand Prairie, AB)


A couple of guys, a Guitar and a Djembe (African Drum) - Tasman Jude got their start accidentally. BraveHart (Trinidad & Tobago) & Al Peterson (Canada) decided on a whim to play an Open Mic Night. Hastily scrawling out lyrics & basic chords they jumped on stage ready to improvise the details.

These days improvisation is no longer needed as the seasoned duo has performed over 100 times in their first ten months!

This is Tasman Jude’s first appearance on the ReggaeFest stage.






Third World: Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | Third World on YouTube

Third World


Third World are truly icons of Reggae music. The “Reggae Ambassadors” have been writing, producing and performing for more than four decades. With ten Grammy nominations to their credit and their 21st studio album on the way, we are truly honoured to have the legends join us for Calgary’s ReggaeFest.









Uno Band: Web Site

Uno Band


Uno is a reggae band formed by three young Venezuelan men,  Juan Antoni (drums/voice), Pedro Acosta (lead guitar/voice) and Arturo Rondon (guitar/voice). The Calgary-based band is well established on the local music and festival scene. They’ve played Fiestaval and Expolatino.

2014 will be Uno’s first appearance on the ReggaeFest stage.



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Events We Support



Press Release: CALGARY, Alberta - August 13, 2014

Calgary International Reggae Festival Week Begins

CALGARY, Alberta Wednesday, August 13, 2014.....

The Calgary International Reggae Festival will celebrate its 11th year with three days of music, food and culture from Thursday, August 14-16 at Shaw Millennium Park and the National Music Centre.

ReggaeFest week kicks off on Thursday, August 14 at the National Music Centre with a free workshop and live performance entitled Reggae: Between Continents; highlighting Reggae music's influence on other genres of music across the world with live performances by Calgary's own Uno Band and Jamaica-based Raging Fyah, featuring special guest, Calgary favorite, Jory Kinjo.

On Friday August 15, join us from 4-9PM at Shaw Millennium Park for Free Fest Friday, a free concert featuring six-time Canadian Reggae Music Award winners Mountain Edge Roots and Culture Band, Calgary natives Infiniti and Uno Band, and, fresh off their European tour, Raging Fyah.

On Saturday August 16, ReggaeFest presents none other than the internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated band, Third World. Joining Third World on the ReggaeFest stage will be a host of international and Canadian performers including supergroup L.U.S.T., Canadian superstar Exco Levi, and joining us all the way from Beijing, China, the incomparable Long Shen Dao.

The Calgary International Reggae Festival prides itself on being more than a music festival. ReggaeFest is about celebrating culture, friendship and community. Good music, good food and good vibes are what bring Rastagarians of all ages together each year on the third weekend August.

Transcending all racial, cultural and musical boundaries, ReggaeFest runs from August 14 to 16 concluding with the Mainstage event on Saturday, August 16 at Shaw Millennium Park.

2014 Super early bird tickets are on sale online only until 10:00 a.m., June 15
SEE HERE for Tickets


In October of 2003, six Calgarians came together with the same vision – to increase the awareness of Reggae Music in Western Canada and to provide an avenue where this music can be heard. The Calgary Reggae Festival Society (CRFS) was formed. CRFS is set on a mission to promote local, regional and national awareness of Reggae Music in Canada and will also strive to lobby mainstream media to give the music more airplay. 10 years later the Calgary International Reggae Festival is one of the largest reggae music festivals outside of southern Ontario.

Join the Rastagarian movement at

Winner of the 2010 Canadian Reggae Music Achievement Award for Best Concert Promoter, the CRFS is a 100% volunteer group that is diligently working to ensure that ReggaeFest is the best family friendly summer festival in Calgary.

For More Information Please Contact:
Calgary Reggae Festival Society
T: (403) 355-5696


Calgary Reggae Festival Society

Mailing Address :

Calgary Reggae Festival Society

Chinook RPO, PO Box 30244

Calgary, Alberta T2H 2V9 Canada

Tel: 403-355-5696

Fax: 403-455-8033

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CRFS Board of Directors: 2014-2015

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ReggaeFest 2014 Organizing Committee

  • Julie Abbott
  • Tara Andrews
  • Ronnie Bach
  • Denise Brown
  • Joyce Corbeil
  • Leo Cripps
  • Don Dixon
  • Irene Dutka
  • Estella Foster
  • Randy Gibbs
  • Stephen Hinds
  • Matt John
  • Melissa Mackenzie
  • Lynda MacNeill
  • Chris Martin
  • Allison McDonald
  • Cindy Nield
  • Jolene Powell
  • Rachel Pruitt
  • Sarai Serrano
  • Donnovan Simon
  • Dixie Taylor
  • Vincent Vaughan
  • Stacey Wee
  • Clarence Wynter


Calgary Reggae Festival Society Presents the Irie Draws 2014

Winning Ticket Numbers:

Early Bird: #907

7th: #1794

6th: #458

5th: #1152

4th: #505

3rd: #1007

2nd: #1141

Grand: #226


Early Bird Draw: Aug 7, 2014 at Plaza Theatre, Calgary, AB

Early Bird Prize: ReggaeFest VIP package ($400)

Main Draw: ReggaeFest Main Event on Aug 16, 2014 at Shaw Millennium Park, Calgary, AB


7th: Two tickets for Theatre Calgary ($150)

6th: Two tickets for Ziggy Marley Sep 29 ($130)

5th: Village Brewery package ($160)

4th: Appleton Rum package ($200)

3rd: Hotel Arts overnight stay and Swizzlesticks spa package ($379)

2nd: Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two ($500)

Grand: Two Flights anywhere Westjet flies (up to $2,800)

Licence #: 383700

Only 2000 tickets printed!

Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase. Tickets may only be purchased or sold within Alberta. Prizes must be accepted as awarded.